Today’s Edisons are placed by us…

It’s a fact, that there is a serious talent shortage in the field of IT and engineering worldwide. The demand for IT and technical professionals has been significantly grown by the development of technology, but the available human resources didn’t follow this trend. And this is how we get to our biggest concern of nowadays, that there are approximately 15,000 vacant position in the field of information-telecommunication and technology in Hungary.

Experis sees what is going on in the workforce market, understands the employer’s problems and knows the way for the right professionals.

The workforce solutions at Experis are the followings:

  • Permanent and temporary placement of experts in the field of IT and Engineering
  • Find special and rare talents for open positions
  • Supporting project based solutions with the right workforce
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Human-resources consultancy

Let speak the numbers instead of words:

Experis finds and acquires the most suitable colleague, who is matching to your company both in his/her professional and personality.

We see the HUMAN behind the CV and we can read between the lines.
Our HR consultants have excellent market knowledge and have several years of professional history. We continuously train them to reaching their best performance by their up-to-date knowledge.

In case that our colleagues haven’t contact you, please feel free to do that. Write us on and we will reply you in a short time. We are lookink forward for you mail.