About Us

The right person for the right position

Applying the right person for the right position has an outstanding role in continuous business growth in today’s world. Nowdays the most important competitive advantage is the knowledge of our employees. This is what truly differentiate us in the market and is exactly why our partners turn to us.

As the part of ManpowerGroup, Experis primarily delivers professionals, middle- and high level leaders in the field of IT and Engineering, or manage project based outsourcing projects.


The brand name Experis consists of the words Experience and Expertise, which refer to our mission and the quality of workflow.

We are transforming challenges into opportunity, accelerating careers, propelling business growth.

Although several companies are working in the field of human resources, few of them can say that:

  • we are actively present in more than 60 countries
  • we recognize and understand the HR needs of companies in different markets
  • we seek the most potential candidates for the open positions
  • our colleagues form a unique team in finding talents
  • we provide candidate warranty

Peak performance is humanly possible

The Experis brand was launched on 23 april 2015 in Hungary, but delivering professional candidates in the field of IT and Engineering was not a novelty for the company. Our firm has been delivering special professionals since 2005 under the name of Manpower Professional. It the past years a special team, methodology and structure have been formed, which can solve all of our partners problems and give solutions to all of their needs. 

There is no such expert, genius or superhero that we cannot find at short notice.

What sets us apart?

1.Experience & Expertise

2.Increased Precision

3.Enhanced Partnership

4.Accelerated Result